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Me and my wife at Christmas 2016

Me and my wife at Christmas 2016

It’s been a while, I have been busy with a lot of things.  After years of struggling with weight loss I decided to consult a bariatric doctor.  It was a hard decision for myself, because I had to come to terms with myself needing the help.

I consulted a surgeon that I met after my wife had her gallbladder removed.  My primary doctor had been trying to get me to consult a surgeon for years, wrote me multiple referrals, but I would find some way out of the appointment.  I guess it was due to my pride that I could handle this journey without any help.  A few years went by and I got even heavier.  I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and my A1C was out of control.  I had no energy to exercise and when I did my joints were hurting due to the excessive weight.

The consultations, because of my insurance plan, had to be spread over a sixth month period.  My wife had been struggling with her weight as well, so we both decided to consult the surgeon and get the procedure done the same year.

During the six months I started to read, watch videos, and consult anyone who can give me insight into this big decision that I was getting ready to make.  I watched TV shows like my 600 lbs life and even reviewed Ted Talk’s.  We saw a nutritionist who specialized in pre and post surgery eating for bariatric patients.  Per our plan, we had to consult a psychologist to ensure we are of sound mind and we understand the life long commitment.  The great thing about talking to the psychologist was that she had already had two weight loss surgeries for a thyroid condition.  She was able to inform us on what life was like after the surgery.

On January 25th, 2017, I took the first plunge and had the Gastric Bypass RnY procedure.  It was very painful for the first week, but I was fine after that initial week.  My wonderful wife supported me through this time of need.

My highest weight was 395 lbs and my first consultation visit with the doctor I was 388 lbs.  On surgery day I was 361 lbs.  Today I am 321 lbs.  In less than four months I have loss 74 lbs.  I feel great, I only wish I did this a lot sooner.  I’m loosing weight and clothing sizes.

Me after 50 days of surgery

Me after 50 days of surgery

I’m writing this post to announce that I have decided to share all that I have learned and tried in the area of weight loss.  I’m hoping that the information that I provide helps someone to make a change in their life.  The change I advocate is knowledge of all the tools out there.  Not everyone needs surgery and if you do, then I hope this helps you out.

More articles will come, I promise.  Also I will be posting more art as well.




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