Rowdy Ronda Rousey – Art – First Portrait

Rowdy Ronda Rousey

Rowdy Ronda Rousey
My first attempt at drawing this beautiful deadly fighter.

What can I say, this Mix Martial Arts female champion has captured my attention.  She is as good looking as she is fierce.  Definitely not to be taken likely.  Like quote from Rocky III – “She is very hungry”.  My art education is influenced by life around me and she has influenced me to attempt to capture her may different sides.

She really seems to be a hard working person, no doubt about that.  I took Karate when I was a kid, believe it or not.  I was an orange belt, but nothing I learned can come close to her fighting style.  If I needed a body guard that is deceptive to the eye and can get the job done, she would be it.

The drawing took about an hour, I was in Greenbelt Maryland for the week.  At the hotel each night, I tried to find something to do.  I saw an HBO Sports special and saw her interview.  I was like “That’s my next subject!”, I began my journey into drawing her beauty and power.

I used black and white charcoal on Gray tone paper to draw her.  It was my first time using these materials.  Definitely trial by error.

Media Used

  • Charcoal Pencils (Black and White)
  • Gray Tone Paper, Fine Tooth



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