Portrait of Patience 2 – Drawing – People – Women

Portrait of Patience - People - Women
A portrait of my friend of Patience with curly hair.
Patience - Source - Portrait
Patience Source Photo for her portrait

My friend Patience has been one of my sources for portrait drawings.  I am grateful for all my friends that allow me to attempt to capture them on paper.  I chose this picture from her gallery of photos.  Manly because of the bright smile, angle of the head and her current hair style.

This one I like better than the first, mainly because of the shading, halftone and highlights.  One of my friends noticed that some of the first portraits that I did, looked flat and not 3D.  My friend thought that it was because I was using photos as a resource vs drawing the subject in real life.  I believe she was right.  I was failing with obtaining the 3D effect because I was either shading the entire picture or missing out on the halftones and highlights.

The hardest part of drawing a human face is keeping the proportions and knowing how to make objects closer bigger and objects far away smaller.  Seems simple, but it was very hard for me.

The curly hair took time to complete.  I had to keep building the layers of graphite and using a kneeded eraser for pulling the highlights on the curls.  The blending was done with a brush and Tortillion.  The combination of a 2B and 8B were used to create the dark, shadows and halftones.

I have included the original photo so you can see my progress with my art education.  You can almost see a night and day difference.

Took about two hours to complete.  This is a rough estimate, I sketched her picture in sections off and on throughout the weekend.

Portrait Patience - Women - Drawing -Portrait
This was my first portrait of my friend Patience.

Materials Used

  • Graphite Pencils 2H, 2B, 5B, 8B
  • Tortillion
  • Paint brush


2 Hours off and on


Patience T.




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