The Journey Of Faith – A horse rescue story

A story about Faith

Karen And Faith
Karen And Faith

This is a very special project and an amazing story of a horse rescue in Virginia.  It’s not art, but a quick documentary of my wife’s accomplishment with restoring life and hope to a severely abandoned horse.

The horse was neglected and eventually sent to auction, where no one wanted her.  Her last change destination was a slaughter house auction lot.  Where if she was not bought, she would have been slaughter for meat.  An organization stepped in at the last moment and purchased the horse.  My wife was on a mission to find the perfect horse for her.  She searched many groups, looking for the right horse.  Then one day, we found Faith aka “Leap of Faith”.

She was located in Pennsylvania, not in Amish country, but the mountains.  Let’s just say it was a very long and tiring journey.  For just about two days of traveling, we pretty much lived in the truck.  Just me Karen and our dog Jack.

We finally made it to the second change farm to pick up our new family member.  She was very thin, had a lot of cold/infection coming out of her nose.  Not doing so well.  I have to admit, that I was very skeptical of her survival during transport back to Virginia.  It was during summer, and it was very hot.  However she made the trip without any problems.  Matter of fact, we ended up staying at a Motel 8, because we were so tired.  I told the front desk clerk that we have a horse and a dog.  He was accommodating and allowed us to park on the side where the big rigs park and our dog was able to stay in the room with us.  It wasn’t the best hotel but it was home for the night.

We finally got her back to Virginia.  I was so tired, that I literally passed out in the passenger seat and didn’t wake up until we were like in the Salisbury MD area.  I was asleep for like 400 miles.  Thank God for my wonderful wife, for driving.

Anyway, for Christmas, I decided to take all the photos from my wife’s Facebook Page and compile them into this presentation.  I was trying to keep a secret for a long time.  Our washer was having some problems during the same time period, so I was actually compiling the video at a laundry mat in secret.  The people there thought I was strange with Bose earphones on and constantly pecking away at the keyboard.  I finally composed the DVD and played it for her on Christmas morning.

(Note: For some reason the music to the video is only allowed to be played on non-smartphone devices.  So that means you will have to watch it on a computer for now.  Something to due with the licensing of the music I used.  Hopefully that changes.)




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