Digital Horse – Horse profile

Digital Horse

Switching things up for a bit, decided to do some Digital art.  Basically it is a major challenge for myself, because I’m use to drawing directly on the paper.  Where as drawing with a stylus on an external pad and looking at a monitor is really a challenge.  The cool thing is that its much easier to fix mistakes made on a computer than on paper.  The bad thing is that its a lot of coordination is needed.  Unless you have a computer that allows you to draw on the screen, it’s no where the same as drawing on the paper.

First I laid out a basic sketch of the horses head.  I used a base layer for this and a basic brush.  Afterwards I started to build the textures of the fur and shadows up by layer by layer.

I will be doing more drawings, I promise.  🙂

Materials Used

  • Photoshop
  • Huion Tablet H420 Pen Tablet





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