Drawing a 3D Chrome Sphere With Colors – Leonardo Pereznieto

Good Tuesday To You!,

Giving you a quick update and sharing something awesome.  I’m working on more articles for the weight loss journey and getting back into the art again.  I wanted to share another great artist Leonardo Pereznieto.  He has a YouTube channel and creates most interesting drawings using everything from expensive pencils and paints to cheap Bic pens.

I have one of his books and it is definitely very informative and really inspires me.  The videos are very informative and I think will give you guidance in the right direction.  If you have some time you need to check out his channel on YouTube.  The link is below.

Here is one of his videos of him drawing and painting a 3D Sphere with a Chrome effect.

Enjoy and stay tuned, more stuff will follow 🙂

Fine Art-Tips YouTube Channel