Art & Design

 Art and Design

All of my Art and Design, the good bad or ugly, is a constant learning experience.  I’m sort of a late bloomer with this.  Most of my graphics skills come picture manipulation through Photoshop, or similar application.  I have designed logos in the past, but never really drew anything by hand.

My grandmother use to paint and draw.  I think some of my interest stems from her paintings.  My mother use to work in a statue factor making little western figurines.  Like my grandmother, she is very creative and crafty.  She has made everything from Halloween costumes to sea shell art.

I tried taking an art class in middle school, but the teacher would rip up or throw away my stuff.  Always saying that I did something wrong.  Basically, I ended up taking wood shop after that.  However, I never lost interest.  I took drafting in high school, was pretty good at it.  I wanted to be a drafter at the time.  I loved designing 2d or Isometric diagrams.  I even helped my teacher to study the AutoCad program at the time period.  He was old school, I was sorta new school.  Computers came natural to me.  However, I still loved to mess with the compass and protractor and slide ruler.  Learning about kinds of paper and so on.

I come from a firm belief that you can do anything you put your mind up too.  It may not be perfect or work the first or hundredth time.  However, you will have learned multiple was of not how to make it work.

All this being said. This website will serve as a chronicle for myself and maybe inspiration for others to simply try.